Various sources for Economic Data

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Abundant source of various economic data available here: FRED® — ALFRED® GeoFRED® FRASER® IDEAS

European Innovation Scoreboard

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The European Innovation Scoreboard – previously Innovation Union Scoreboard – provides a comparative analysis of innovation performance in EU Member States, other European countries, and regional neighbours. It assesses relative strengths and weaknesses of national innovation systems and helps countries identify areas they need to address. The Regional Innovation Scoreboard is a regional extension of…

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Book: Das strategische Management von Contentrechten

2015-08-06 / 0 comments

Autor Ulrich Schaal stellt in dieser Monographie die Frage nach der strategischen Bedeutung von Contentrechten in der Gestaltung und Bedienung digitaler Geschäftsmodelle audiovisueller Medienunternehmen. Er nähert sich der Fragestellung aus der Perspektive des strategischen Unternehmensmanagements und identifiziert Schlüsselherausforderungen vor dem Hintergrund der voranschreitenden Digitalisierung und deren disruptive Effekte auf konventionelle Geschäftsmodelle, Produkt- und Innovationsstrategien. In…

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Data & Multisided Markets

2015-08-04 / 0 comments

Data functions as a mediating layer between interconnected business areas creating multisided markets. Source: OECD – Internet Economy Outlook 2015, p. 147

The Economics of Personal Data and Privacy: 30 Years after the OECD Privacy Guidelines

2015-07-20 / 0 comments

Conference held at the OECD Conference center, Paris, France, 1 December 2010 The use of data, including personal data, is growing at a terrific rate. Global flows of data are increasing, as is the capacity of organisations to analyse and put data to productive use. One common example is online advertising, which leverages personal data…

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OECD Topics Page: Internet

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Lots of resources to be found at i.e. OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2015:

Dynamics of the Media Industry

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On request from DG CONNECT, IPTS launched in 2009 a research program on the “Statistical, ecosystems and competitiveness analysis of the Media and Content Industries”. The program created a set of 10 studies, numerous workshops and a Conference that pursue three objectives: To offer a quantitative statistical approach to the Media and Content Industries, including their extension or blurring…

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Communication and the Transformation of Economics

2015-07-16 / 0 comments

Robert E. Babe’s (1995) compilation of essays provides a profound critique of the reductionist conception of information and communication in neoclassical economics. Here are some outtakes: [D]ue to perfunctory and ill-conceived conceptions of information and communication, maintream economics promotes and “justifies” policies (summarized in this book as “neoconservative policy agenda”) that increase disparities […]. (ibid.,…

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Book: The Economics of Digitization

2015-07-15 / 0 comments

The International Library of Critical Writings in Economics series Edited by Shane Greenstein, Professor and Kellogg Chair of Information Technology, Northwestern University, US, Avi Goldfarb, Professor of Marketing, University of Toronto, Canada and Catherine Tucker, Mark Hyman Jr. Career Development Professor and Associate Professor of Marketing, MIT Sloan School of Management, US This authoritative collection,…

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Nature Ontologies project page

2015-07-14 / 0 comments

This site describes the RDF ontologies used by Macmillan Science and Education for content publishing. We are sharing these in order to contribute to the wider linked data community and to provide a public reference for our data models.

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