“Data before the Fact” – selected citations from Daniel Rosenberg

2017-01-11 / 0 comments

Daniel Rosenberg is professor of history at Clark Honors College, University of Oregon. He writes on a wide range of topics related to history, epistemology, language and visual culture, among them the history of data . In 2013 he published an insightful article on the etymological origins of the term data in Lisa Gitelman‘s volume…

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ISO Working Group on Metadata Standards

2015-06-22 / 0 comments

ISO organized its activities concerning the definition of metadata stadards in the Joint Technical Committee 001, Subcommittee 32, Working Group 02 (ISO/IEC JTC 001/SC 32/WG 02). Their communications and documentations can be found at http://metadata-standards.org/

What is Data?

2015-06-20 / 0 comments

The etymological roots of data stem from the latin term “dare”, which means “to give”, “to present”, “to offer”. The term “data” is the plural form of the passive particle perfect “datum” and can be translated with “given” or “delivered”. Hence, in its orginal meaning and till the middle ages the term “data” had a…

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