Moore’s / Kryder’s / Nielsen’s Law at a glance

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Most folks are familiar with Moore’s Law – it forecasts the improvement of CPU performance over time. Some are familiar with Kryder’s Law – it forecasts improvements in storage density. Only a few are versed in Nielsen’s Law – which is a rough analog to improvements in networking performance. [Storage & the Mobility Gap]  

OECD Topics Page: Internet

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Lots of resources to be found at i.e. OECD Digital Economy Outlook 2015:

Dynamics of the Media Industry

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On request from DG CONNECT, IPTS launched in 2009 a research program on the “Statistical, ecosystems and competitiveness analysis of the Media and Content Industries”. The program created a set of 10 studies, numerous workshops and a Conference that pursue three objectives: To offer a quantitative statistical approach to the Media and Content Industries, including their extension or blurring…

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Book: Economic Analysis of the Digital Economy

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Edited by Avi Goldfarb, Shane M. Greenstein, and Catherine E. Tucker 528 pages | 18 halftones, 106 line drawings, 53 tables | 6 x 9 | © 2015 National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Report As the cost of storing, sharing, and analyzing data has decreased, economic activity has become increasingly digital. But while the…

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Data sources: economics of digitization

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This site links to data sources for research in the economics of digitization. See the Table of Contents (on the right) for a list of topics covered, or scroll down the page. For more information, please contact Shane Greenstein and Imke Reimers. A general description of the field is available on wikipedia: ( [Source]

Eurostat Glossaries

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The Statistics Explained Glossary covers all statistical and general terms in Statistics Explained in need of a definition or explanation. Because it is quite large, it may be easier to consult instead one of the focused thematic glossaries from the clickable overview below; they are organised according to statistical themes, preceded by a list of…

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