Getty Vocabularies as Linked Open Data

2016-06-20 / 0 comments

Nice source for lots of controlled vocabularies form the arts & humanities domain available from the Getty Research Institute, now also available as Linked Open Data. Find mor info here:

Data Repository:

2016-06-13 / 0 comments

Great collection of data from multiple official sources such as the World Bank, the United Nations, the US Energy Information Administration, UNESCO, and the World Economic Forum. Go here:

Database of Political Institutions 2012 (updated Jan. 2013)

2015-07-17 / 0 comments

The dataset is available at World Bank Research. Users of the database should cite Thorsten Beck, George Clarke, Alberto Groff, Philip Keefer, and Patrick Walsh, 2001. “New tools in comparative political economy: The Database of Political Institutions.” 15:1, 165-176 (September), World Bank Economic Review. Users of the variables Checks or Polarization should cite Philip Keefer…

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Open Data Institute: The Data Spectrum

2015-07-16 / 0 comments

The Data Spectrum helps you understand the language of data Some of us worry about personal health records being “made open”. Some confuse commercial and personal data, or mix up “big data” with “open data”. To unpack data’s challenges and its benefits, we need to be precise about what these things mean. They should be…

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2015-07-14 / 0 comments

Quandl is a Data Platform. We host data from hundreds of publishers on a single easy-to-use website. We make it easy for data users to get the data they need in the format they want. Founded in 2012, Quandl is a Canadian technology company backed by some of the world’s leading venture capital firms.

World Bank: Open Data for Economic Growth

2015-07-14 / 0 comments

This paper examines the evidence for the economic potential of Open Data and concludes that, despite a variation in published estimates and some methodological difficulties, the potential is very large indeed. It reviews the latest data about companies using Open Data, and highlights four companies which did not exist ten years ago, which are driven…

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The Economics of Data: Quality, Value & Exchange in Web Observatories

2015-07-09 / 0 comments

The aim of this paper is to present a requirement for assessing the quality of data and the development of efficient methods of valuing and exchanging data among Web Observatories. Using economic and business theory a range of concepts are explored which include a brief review of existing business structures related to the exchange of…

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Costs and Benefits of Data Provision

2015-07-09 / 0 comments

Nice study by John Houghton (Report to the Australian National Data Service 2011) on Open Government Data. The report investigates the cost-benefit-ration of open data strategies of the Australian government. It focuses on three main elements: The costs and cost savings experienced by PSI producing agencies involved in the provision of free and open access…

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What is Data Economics?

2015-07-01 / 0 comments

Data economics investigates the economic principles of data and its institutionalisation thereof in the form of industries, regulations and socio-economic effects deriving from it. From a business model perspective data economics tries to […] align data exchange and revenue generation as part of the same positive feedback mechanism, aligning investment in the service with calculable…

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GeoNames Premium Web Services

2015-06-22 / 0 comments

Geonames provides a number of premium services with various service levels for commercial users of their data. A nice example of how they make money out of open (government) data.

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