E-Mail Marketers in Germany

2016-08-17 / 0 comments

The portal marketing-boerse.de provides a list of 21 German email-marketing service providers: optivo – E-Mail- und Omnichannel-Marketing 10179 Berlin optivo – E-Mail- und Omnichannel-Marketing Teradata 80335 München Teradata eCircle bietet alles integriert in einer Lösung: Marketing Resource Management, Kampagnen Management, Digital Marketing und Media Services. promio.net GmbH 53113 Bonn promio.net ist Fullservice-Anbieter im Bereich E-Mail-Marketing…

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altmetrics: a manifesto

2015-09-05 / 0 comments

altmetrics is the creation and study of new metrics based on the Social Web for analyzing, and informing scholarship. Our vision is summarized in: J. Priem, D. Taraborelli, P. Groth, C. Neylon (2010), Altmetrics: A manifesto, 26 October 2010. http://altmetrics.org/manifesto You can follow the ongoing discussion on Twitter via the #altmetrics tag or via the…

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Computational Fact Checking from Knowledge Networks

2015-08-07 / 0 comments

Traditional fact checking by expert journalists cannot keep up with the enormous volume of information that is now generated online. Computational fact checking may significantly enhance our ability to evaluate the veracity of dubious information. Here we show that the complexities of human fact checking can be approximated quite well by finding the shortest path…

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Moore’s / Kryder’s / Nielsen’s Law at a glance

2015-07-17 / 0 comments

Most folks are familiar with Moore’s Law – it forecasts the improvement of CPU performance over time. Some are familiar with Kryder’s Law – it forecasts improvements in storage density. Only a few are versed in Nielsen’s Law – which is a rough analog to improvements in networking performance. [Storage & the Mobility Gap]  

Google Ngram Viewer

2015-07-15 / 0 comments

Google Ngrams: Google Books Service to analyze arbitrary combinations of words against a subset of the Google Books corpus created for this application. Read a nice (german) description of how to use this service for scientific purposes @ Google Ngram Viewer Example: postal service, telecommunication, internet, email, www  


2015-07-14 / 0 comments

Quandl is a Data Platform. We host data from hundreds of publishers on a single easy-to-use website. We make it easy for data users to get the data they need in the format they want. Founded in 2012, Quandl is a Canadian technology company backed by some of the world’s leading venture capital firms.

Oxford Economics

2015-07-14 / 0 comments

Oxford Economics was founded in 1981 as a commercial venture with Oxford University’s business college to provide economic forecasting and modelling to UK companies and financial institutions expanding abroad. http://www.oxfordeconomics.com/about-us

Big Data Propaganda

2015-07-14 / 0 comments

A typical piece opf propaganda on Big Data and added value derived from business analytics provided by Cognizant Technology Solutions in conjunction with Oxford Economics. It’s in the data, stupid! Read yourself: The Value of Signal (and the Cost of Noise) – The New Economics of Meaning-Making

The Data Revolution and Economic Analysis

2015-07-10 / 0 comments

This paper by Liran Einav & Jonathan Levin (both Stanford University and NBER)was prepared for the NBER Innovation Policy and the Economy conference in April 2013. Many believe that “big data” will transform business, government, and other aspects of the economy. In this article we discuss how new data may impact economic policy and economic…

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