“Data before the Fact” – selected citations from Daniel Rosenberg

2017-01-11 / 0 comments

Daniel Rosenberg is professor of history at Clark Honors College, University of Oregon. He writes on a wide range of topics related to history, epistemology, language and visual culture, among them the history of data . In 2013 he published an insightful article on the etymological origins of the term data in Lisa Gitelman‘s volume…

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Communication and the Transformation of Economics

2015-07-16 / 0 comments

Robert E. Babe’s (1995) compilation of essays provides a profound critique of the reductionist conception of information and communication in neoclassical economics. Here are some outtakes: [D]ue to perfunctory and ill-conceived conceptions of information and communication, maintream economics promotes and “justifies” policies (summarized in this book as “neoconservative policy agenda”) that increase disparities […]. (ibid.,…

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Language & Myth – A tribute to Ernst Cassirer

2015-06-21 / 0 comments

Ernst Cassirer (1874-1945),  a predecessor of the Vienna Circle and pioneer in modern linguistics and cultural philosophy, says any linguistic construct is mythological in its essence. […] all symbolism harbors the curse of mediacy; it is bound to obscure what it seeks to reveal. […] Consequently all schemata which science evolves in order to classify,…

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