The Economics of Long-Term Digital Storage

2015-07-25 / 0 comments

Paper  as  the  medium  for  the  world’s memory has  one great advantage;  it survives benign neglect well.   Bits, on the other hand, need continual care, and thus a continual flow of money.   A Blue  Ribbon panel described economic sustainability as the major issue facing long-term digital preservation.  This is despite Kryder’s Law, the 30-year history…

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Dynamics of the Media Industry

2015-07-17 / 0 comments

On request from DG CONNECT, IPTS launched in 2009 a research program on the “Statistical, ecosystems and competitiveness analysis of the Media and Content Industries”. The program created a set of 10 studies, numerous workshops and a Conference that pursue three objectives: To offer a quantitative statistical approach to the Media and Content Industries, including their extension or blurring…

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GeoNames Premium Web Services

2015-06-22 / 0 comments

Geonames provides a number of premium services with various service levels for commercial users of their data. A nice example of how they make money out of open (government) data.

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