Quote: Gitelman on “history”

2021-03-07 / 0 comments

“By history, I mean to invoke the limited sense in which doing history means putting together narrarives about events (also “history”) based on interpreting the “indexical survivals” or inscriptions that form a fragmentary record of the past. Put this way, history is not a science but a hermeneutic, an interpretative mode sutured to a disciplinary…

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Various sources for Economic Data

2021-03-05 / 0 comments

Abundant source of various economic data available here: FRED® — ALFRED® GeoFRED® FRASER® IDEAS

“Data before the Fact” – selected citations from Daniel Rosenberg

2017-01-11 / 0 comments

Daniel Rosenberg is professor of history at Clark Honors College, University of Oregon. He writes on a wide range of topics related to history, epistemology, language and visual culture, among them the history of data . In 2013 he published an insightful article on the etymological origins of the term data in Lisa Gitelman‘s volume…

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EU Joint Research Center Publications

2016-01-04 / 0 comments

Find here the publication index of the EU JRC InfoSoc Unit with loads of interesting media-related surveys and studies: http://is.jrc.ec.europa.eu/pages/Publications.html

Definition: Derivative Works

2015-08-15 / 0 comments

US Definition A “derivative work” is a work based upon one or more preexisting works, such as a translation, musical arrangement, dramatization, fictionalization, motion picture version, sound recording, art reproduction, abridgment, condensation, or any other form in which a work may be recast, transformed, or adapted. A work consisting of editorial revisions, annotations, elaborations, or…

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Automated Experiments on Ad Privacy Settings

2015-08-07 / 0 comments

To partly address people’s concerns over web tracking, Google has created the Ad Settings webpage to provide information about and some choice over the profiles Google creates on users. We present AdFisher, an automated tool that explores how user behaviors, Google’s ads, and Ad Settings interact. AdFisher can run browser-based experiments and analyze data using…

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Computational Fact Checking from Knowledge Networks

2015-08-07 / 0 comments

Traditional fact checking by expert journalists cannot keep up with the enormous volume of information that is now generated online. Computational fact checking may significantly enhance our ability to evaluate the veracity of dubious information. Here we show that the complexities of human fact checking can be approximated quite well by finding the shortest path…

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Book: Das strategische Management von Contentrechten

2015-08-06 / 0 comments

Autor Ulrich Schaal stellt in dieser Monographie die Frage nach der strategischen Bedeutung von Contentrechten in der Gestaltung und Bedienung digitaler Geschäftsmodelle audiovisueller Medienunternehmen. Er nähert sich der Fragestellung aus der Perspektive des strategischen Unternehmensmanagements und identifiziert Schlüsselherausforderungen vor dem Hintergrund der voranschreitenden Digitalisierung und deren disruptive Effekte auf konventionelle Geschäftsmodelle, Produkt- und Innovationsstrategien. In…

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Data & Multisided Markets

2015-08-04 / 0 comments

Data functions as a mediating layer between interconnected business areas creating multisided markets. Source: OECD – Internet Economy Outlook 2015, p. 147

The Economics of Long-Term Digital Storage

2015-07-25 / 0 comments

Paper  as  the  medium  for  the  world’s memory has  one great advantage;  it survives benign neglect well.   Bits, on the other hand, need continual care, and thus a continual flow of money.   A Blue  Ribbon panel described economic sustainability as the major issue facing long-term digital preservation.  This is despite Kryder’s Law, the 30-year history…

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