Computational Fact Checking from Knowledge Networks

2015-08-07 / 0 comments

Traditional fact checking by expert journalists cannot keep up with the enormous volume of information that is now generated online. Computational fact checking may significantly enhance our ability to evaluate the veracity of dubious information. Here we show that the complexities of human fact checking can be approximated quite well by finding the shortest path…

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Autonomous Vehicles

2015-08-05 / 0 comments

Where to? A History of Autonomous Vehicles Driverless car market watch Automated Driving: Legislative and Regulatory Action Wired: Autonomous Cars Google Self-Driving Car Project

Book: Robokratie – Silicon Valley, Transhumanismus und Singularität

2015-07-25 / 0 comments

Einen aufschlussreichen Einblick in die Gesellschaftsutopien der global agierenden Technikeliten bietet die Monographie des Soziologen und kritischen Publizisten Thomas Wagner: Robokratie – Goggle, Silicon Valley und der Mensch als Auslaufmodell (2015 / PappyRossa Verlag). Mittels technisch induzierter Disruptionen soll die Menschheit in den Zustand einer transhumanistischen Verfassung geführt werden, in der Technologie dazu verwandt wird…

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Moore’s / Kryder’s / Nielsen’s Law at a glance

2015-07-17 / 0 comments

Most folks are familiar with Moore’s Law – it forecasts the improvement of CPU performance over time. Some are familiar with Kryder’s Law – it forecasts improvements in storage density. Only a few are versed in Nielsen’s Law – which is a rough analog to improvements in networking performance. [Storage & the Mobility Gap]  

Dynamics of the Media Industry

2015-07-17 / 0 comments

On request from DG CONNECT, IPTS launched in 2009 a research program on the “Statistical, ecosystems and competitiveness analysis of the Media and Content Industries”. The program created a set of 10 studies, numerous workshops and a Conference that pursue three objectives: To offer a quantitative statistical approach to the Media and Content Industries, including their extension or blurring…

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Tech Leaps: telegraph / telephone / television / computer

2015-07-15 / 0 comments

Take a look at some leaps in information technology between 1830 and 2000 visualized by Google Ngrams …  

Google Ngram Viewer

2015-07-15 / 0 comments

Google Ngrams: Google Books Service to analyze arbitrary combinations of words against a subset of the Google Books corpus created for this application. Read a nice (german) description of how to use this service for scientific purposes @ Google Ngram Viewer Example: postal service, telecommunication, internet, email, www  

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